06 July Current Affairs/ Events

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1.Which country is hosting the 8th International Convention of Saurashtra Patel Cultural Samaj 2018? United States

2.The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has launched ‘GST Verify’ app to protect interest of consumers. The app is developed by whom?B Raghu Kiran

3.UNESCO has signed pact with which state government to set up Design University for Gaming?– Andhra Pradesh

4.Which of the following will become the first central paramilitary force to opt for e-ticketing instead of Railway warrant?National Security Guard

5.Who has been appointed as new Chairman of Payments Council of India (PCI)?Vishwas Patel

6.The Ministry of Coal has launched which mobile app to curb illegal coal mining activity in the coalfield areas of the country?Khan Prahari

7.Which country to operate Sri Lanka’s loss-making Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport in Hambantota?India

8.Which state government has launched ‘Poshan Abhiyan’ to eradicate malnutrition?Gujarat

9.Which state’s Chief Minster has approved the much-debated doorstep monthly ration delivery system?– Delhi

10.Bajrang Punia has clinched gold in which weight category at the 2018 Tbilisi Grand Prix?– 65kg category

11.Who has rejected EU’s controversial copyright law?-European Parliament

12.Which space agency conducted successful flight testing of its Crew Escape System on July 5?ISRO

13.According to a study led by the UK National Oceanographic Centre, flooding from rising sea levels could potentially cost $14 trillion worldwide by which year?2100

14.Which country’s law commission has recommended legalisation of sports betting?-India     

15.Who is the Master of Roster, as per the recent ruling of the Supreme Court?-Chief Justice of India

16.Which State recently announced to ban plastic from July 15, 2018?-Uttar Pradesh

17.Which language saw the fall in number of its speakers as per 2011 Census?-Urdu

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